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Live a More Independent Life

You might think it's impossible to live life on your own terms, but the truth is that you CAN be more independent. By choosing independence, you can become a better version of yourself and get out of some bad habits too.




Welcome to The Hutch House

At The Hutch House, we want to help others live a more sustainable life. This means different things for different people. For us, it means being less dependent on others such as: growing our food, being prepared for emergencies and building skills to care for ourselves and our loved ones. Come grow and learn with us.

Fast Growing Vegetables and Fruits – Under 60 Days to Harvest

There are many reasons to grow fruits and vegetables at home, but sometimes we need them fast. That’s where fast-growing...

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What Does Self-sufficient Mean: An In-depth Explanation And How To Get Started

Self-sufficiency is a hot topic in today’s society. With the uncertain economy and ever-growing environmental concerns,...

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Emergency Prep 101: How To Prepare For An Emergency Situation

Disasters can happen at any time and to anyone. No one is immune to the dangers that come with natural disasters such as...

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Starting A Container Garden: The Most Important Supplies To Start With

I love the feeling of being outdoors, with my hands in the soil, taking care of plants, seeing them grow and thrive over...

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