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About The Hutch House

Getting started on the journey, the adventure of your dreams doesn’t start at the first step you take outside your door. It starts with that initial spark, idea that gets you believing in yourself and believing that you can make it happen. It starts by listening to yourself and deciding what you want for your life, for your family.

Where the Hutch House Journey Started

While living in Hampton, Ga, we started going to church together on a consistent basis for the first time in our marriage. John was working with an IT company in Conyers doing full service IT support,  and I was working with a logistics company doing digital marketing coordination. Most would say that we were doing rather well and for a time, we didn’t object to that notion.

Getting back to our faith in God and ourselves, we started looking around at all the “stuff” we had. It was just stuff. That’s it. The stuff didn’t make us happy, it didn’t make our lives better. It was just there, collecting dust. Our 2,500 sqft home? We didn’t use even half of it. However, looking back now, we do miss the billiard room… Anyhow, getting back to what we were talking about. Why have and pay for that much house and “stuff” that we weren’t using? What made us happy was spending time with each other and our beautiful kids. Maybe even sitting on the bank of a lake or pond fishing. After a lot of discussion and praying, we decided to take that step. We were going to downsize the house, move further out into the countryside, and get back to what mattered most – our family and kids.

Not Everyone Liked the Idea

Not everyone liked the idea, but it wasn’t their journey to walk. We moved an hour south of Hampton, Ga into a 1300 sgft house. In the past few years we have been in this smaller house, it has been wonderful. We are out in the woods, but still not terribly far from a small town. Twenty minutes to Monticello, and about the same to Jackson, Ga in different directions. The lake community we live in sounds much nicer than it actually is. 

Though we were much further out into the countryside than we were before, we felt this “pull” to go even further out, more off-grid. A feeling that we were supposed to spread our wings even further than we ever had before.