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How to Choose the Perfect Camping Spot

Camping can be a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet. But before you can enjoy camping, you need to find the perfect spot. Here are six tips for choosing the perfect camping spot:

1. Decide what kind of camping experience you’re looking for – roughing it in the wilderness or staying at a campground with all the amenities

2. Consider your budget – some campsites are more expensive than others

3. Research the best camping spots in your area and read reviews from other campers

4. Make a list of your must-haves (e.g., close to nature, sunny spot, near water) and use that to narrow down your choices

5. Pack wisely so you don’t have to bring too much extra weight with you

6. Have fun! Camping is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet

How to find the perfect camping spot

Decide What Kind of Camping Experience You’re Looking for

While staying at a campground may seem like the easier option (and certainly less time-consuming), it doesn’t offer the same sense of adventure or closeness to nature. For first-time campers, who can sometimes feel overwhelmed by pitching your own tent and building a fire, staying at a campground with all the amenities is often the best choice.

Before you book your trip, make sure to research the area to find out what activities are available – hiking? fishing? birdwatching? You’ll also need to consider how much privacy you’re looking for – will you be camping with friends or alone? If you’re hoping for some peace and quiet, it might be best to avoid campgrounds with power hookups; people tend to run their generators at night. Really dig in to understand what your perfect camping spot looks like.

Once you’ve picked out your campsite, make sure to do some research on general camping etiquette, especially if you are new to the experience. Knowing some general camping etiquette will help make your experience more enjoyable.

Consider Your Budget – Some Campsites Are More Expensive Than Others

If you’re searching for a quick and low-cost getaway, there are several free camping locations to choose from. Many free camping sites may be utilized for camping in a tent or RV (motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or truck camper), but bear in mind that certain rules of etiquette must be observed. When you’re done playing, leave no trace behind by cleaning up after yourself. Free or inexpensive campsites usually have a limit on the amount of nights you can stay; therefore, do your homework ahead of time.

Most paid campsites have access to basic facilities, such as washrooms and showers. There are even some that offer amenities like laundry, cable TV and internet access. But remember, if you want to stay at one of these campsites, expect to pay a little extra for the amenities and check reviews so you know what to expect.

Research the Best Camping Spots in Your Area and Read Reviews

Before you start looking at possible campsites, it’s important to know what kind of experience you’re hoping for – do you want to be out in the wilderness or somewhere close to modern conveniences? Once you’ve decided on that, narrow down your list further by doing some research into the area.

A quick online search will give you information about nearby attractions and towns, maps of trails around the area (if applicable), weather reports and more. It is also helpful to read reviews from other campers who have stayed at the location before – these can give an idea of what facilities are offered there, whether there were any bear sightings while camping, what bugs were present etc. Be sure to check multiple sources though; some people may not make it sound as bad as they thought, while others may have had a terrible stay.

Make a List of Your Must-haves

Once you’ve decided on what kind of camping experience you’re looking for – roughing it in the backcountry or staying at a campground with all the amenities – make a list of your must-haves. For instance, if you want to be close to nature then maybe you’ll need access to an outhouse instead of full bathroom facilities; maybe sunbathing is important so it needs to be near water; another good idea might be having hiking trails nearby… whatever it is, make sure to prioritize your list as you look at potential campsites. Your list of must-haves will help you really narrow down the search for the perfect camping spot, and will help you make a much more informed decision when picking an area and packing.

Pack Wisely

Consider what kind of camping you are doing. If you are roughing it, what kind of essentials will you need? If you are staying at a camping ground, what amenities will be there?

When planning to pack for your trip, research what kind of camping you’ll be doing. If it’s the former, then know that cold weather and harsh weather conditions may require more than just shorts and sandals; if it’s the latter, then you won’t need as much since all the essentials should be provided by the campground. When packing remember necessities like bug spray or sunblock, sunscreen, first aid kit (just in case), medications (if needed), extra batteries… anything else that you might need/want is up to you but make sure not to overpack!

Pack enough food and water for trip. Remember that you are without home comforts, so pack enough food and water for your trip. If you’re camping in a tent or somewhere with no nearby amenities, make sure to bring anything you’ll need to cook with (fire-starter, lighter, etc.).

Don’t forget some snacks and water when you pack. If you get lost or decide to stay out longer than expected, food will be key in keeping your spirits up! It can also help with some additional energy should things not pan out exactly as planned. Always be prepared – whether it’s for an extra long hike or because you got lost!

Pack something to do (cards, game console). What’s the point of going out into the great outdoors if you’re just going to sit around bored? Make sure that whatever else you pack for your trip has entertainment value – whether it’s a deck of cards or an mp3 player with some good playlists.

Have Fun and Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Camping gives you a chance to really connect with nature and get out of the city for a while. Try to see what the area has to offer – go for a hike, find a waterfall, swim in a lake… even if it’s raining remember that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sun shine through on its way down from the sky.

Remember just how lucky we all are – even when camping! As much as we complain about things like work and school, let’s keep things in perspective by remembering just how incredibly fortunate we are. This is true no matter where you are in the world, so when camping remind yourself of this fact to fully enjoy your trip.


There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a camping trip – budget, location, type of campgrounds etc. Luckily, there are several different camping options available for all kinds of budgets and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned camper looking for a new experience or a beginner who wants to try out the activity for the first time, it is easy to enjoy camping from coast-to-coast regardless of where you live!