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Travel Trailer Vs 5th Wheel: How To Decide Which Type Of RV Is Right For You

The two of the most common types of recreational vehicles are travel trailers and 5th wheels. They are both towable travel units that have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Owning either is an excellent choice for people that travel often. The travel trailer and 5th wheel campers have a number of differences that will be discussed in this article. It can be hard to make the correct choice without considering all of your options carefully. Make sure to consider the pros and cons, but also think about your personal travel habits when doing so.

Owning a Travel Trailer is Exciting but Comes with Limits

Owning a travel trailer is an exciting prospect for many people given the convenience and freedom that comes with having one. In addition to being easy to tow, they can accommodate anywhere from two to six people comfortably. You’ll be able to take your friends or family along on your cross-country vacations without sacrificing comfort or amenities. If you hate the idea of giving up some of your favorite comforts, owning a travel trailer can be an excellent choice.

The Pros of Owning a Travel Trailer

When comparing the pros and cons of owning a travel trailer, there are many reasons to choose this option. You’ll find that these units offer cooking facilities, bedding, bathroom amenities, and even entertainment units for fun on the go. Because they are self-contained, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to park. Instead, your entire home will be on the road with you. As long as you can find an RV campsite or rest area, you’ll be able to use your travel trailer without any issues.

  • Cheaper than a 5th wheel trailer.
  • Easy to tow, lightweight design.
  • You can go just about anywhere with a travel trailer.
  • There’s plenty of room in a travel trailer for your family and all your gear.
  • A travel trailer is perfect for any type of camping trip.
  • It’s a lot cheaper than staying in hotels.

The Cons of Owning a Travel Trailer

There are certainly some potential downsides to purchasing a travel trailer. Travel trailers are typically shorter (which means less head room) than their 5th wheel counterparts. They are also limited on storage space. The kind of storage you’ll be able to keep in your travel trailer may vary based upon the specific layout and size you choose. They are also not as stable on the road as other options and are prone to swaying.

  • All travel trailers are towed by another vehicle.
  • Some travel trailers can be hard to maneuver around turns.
  • They may sway on the road, especially in strong winds.
  • They do not offer as much storage space as 5th wheel campers.
  • Owning a travel trailer can be expensive and upkeep can be costly.
  • If you’re traveling with your family or friends, there’s only so much room to spread out inside a small travel trailer.

Owning a 5th Wheel Trailer is a Great Option

5th wheel trailers are extremely popular with those that travel as a family or with friends. These units offer enough space for more than six people and include features like large showers, full kitchens, and multiple sleeping spaces. Many larger 5th wheel campers even include rooms separate from the sleeping area so you can have some privacy when you’re on the road. These units are also large enough that you won’t have to worry too much about swaying or weaving like you do with small the smaller travel trailers.

The Pros of Owning a 5th Wheel Trailer

5th wheel trailers offer serious perks for those that travel as a family or with friends. These campers are stable on the road, they can store plenty of gear, and they have comfortable sleeping arrangements. Additionally, some models have been specifically designed for those that want to take their pets along with them on long trips.

  • A 5th wheel offers more living space than a travel trailer, making it perfect for larger families or groups.
  • Fifth wheels have much more storage space inside and out than travel trailers. This makes packing and unpacking much easier.
  • Because of the increased living space, 5th wheels tend to have more comfortable sleeping arrangements than a travel trailer.
  • 5th wheels are easier to maneuver than travel trailers.
  • Many 5th wheels have higher ceilings than travel trailers, giving you more headroom to move around comfortably.

The Cons of Owning a 5th Wheel Trailer

While 5th wheel trailers have great pros, there are also some potential downsides. 5th wheels can be heavy, because of this, you’ll need to make sure the vehicle you use to pull your 5th wheel has enough power and is properly equipped for the job. 5th wheel campers are also more expensive than travel trailers. Another downside to this option is that you won’t be able to go just anywhere with your camper. While you can easily take it on a city road, you’ll need to stick to mostly level roads while traveling. At the very least, scope out the area to make sure you can safely get in and out of your camping site.

  • 5th wheel trailers can be much more expensive than travel trailers.
  • A 5th wheel require a special hitch to attach it to your tow vehicle.
  • Only certain campgrounds will allow you to park your 5th wheel there for the night.
  • 5th wheels are much heavier than travel trailers. You’ll need a large tow vehicle in order to pull them.
  • This type of camper may be too big to maneuver around turns or park at smaller, crowded campgrounds.


If you want to save money and go on shorter trips, travel trailer may be a better option. 5thwheels are ideal for families or groups of friends who require additional storage space than they would in a travel trailer. However, by considering the benefits and drawbacks of each type of camper, you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs. In the end, it all comes down to personal taste and what will work best for your family’s traveling needs. Make sure to do your homework before making any decisions so that you get the right fit for you.

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